Inner Beauty Tip

If you were to choose, which gift would you want? A gift in a pretty gold box with a bow or one in a plain paper bag that looks like it's been used. Now be honest...Would you want the pretty package or the brown bag?

I have played the white elephant game before, where everyone brings gifts, and then you get pick one. And sometimes it's hard to decide. Do I pick the big one that I think is maybe going to have something really good in there or do I pick the one that doesn't look as good, but might have something even better? Because you never know!

I think if we would admit it, a lot of us are drawn to the pretty package. A brown bag may not even look like there is hardly anything in there. But what if we found out what was really inside each of these packages?

And let's say that in the pretty gold box, we found a couple rotten brown bananas, a smelly, dirty sock and an apple that's rotting too. All right, so not what we might expect. Right? Here was a pretty package and there was rotten fruit and a stinky sock. Not good! So let's say that what we found in the plain brown paper bag was a bracelet. And that the bracelet is gold and silver and has two hearts connecting with each other. The bag was plain packaging, but it had something really beautiful inside.

And so, as we think about these packages I want us to think about ourselves. Some of us might feel like we are plain Jane, a boring person on the outside. From our outer beauty we may just feel, we're just plain. And yet, we see people in our schools, in our churches, and all around that are in these really pretty packages. However, sometimes those people that seem to have it all together, the movie stars and the rock stars, may look perfect on the outside. But sometimes they might be dying away or rotting away on the inside. I have to admit, I was one of those people. People might have looked at me and said, man she's got it all together. But on the inside I was dying away, and there wasn't true beauty on the inside. It was all outer beauty.

And yet, you may feel today that you are just that plain Jane. That you don't look like anything special, you're not model material. You may not like certain parts of your body. Like me, you may have acne scars, or you might feel overweight, or have other issues. But you know what? On the inside God may be cultivating an inner beauty that radiates out. And you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, that changes your appearance. People are drawn to you because of the love that you have for other people, because of the love of Christ that is in you.

I want to encourage you to cultivate inner beauty; that inner beauty that only comes from spending time with Jesus. It's so hard to have any time in silence, but it's so important to get away. We have our music, we have our T.V., we've friends, cell phones, etc. that it's hard to unplug. I know, because these last few weeks I haven't taken that quality time with Jesus that I've needed. Sure I've spent some time in the morning, but I didn't do the real deep time of prayer and journaling. The time where I spend listening to God. And when I do break away and spend quality time with God, I felt so much different. The last few weeks I've been feeling confused and anxious, not knowing what to do. However, today I feel clarity again. I heard God speaking to me through my journal and I felt His love again.

I want to encourage you to spend quality time in prayer. Not legalistically, not saying we have to do this, this, and this. But spending that time with God so that your inner beauty can shine through. And that your inner beauty shines out, no matter what you look like on the outside. Whether you are the shiny package or the plain package. You can have inner beauty that enhances the outer beauty God has given you.

I encourage you to read over Psalm 139 this week. It talks about how we are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are special, no matter what you look like on the outside, no matter where you are at with your relationship with Jesus. You are special, and He wants you to know that today. I encourage you to cultivate your inner beauty.

Shelley Hitz has a heart is to help teen girls and women find their true beauty in Christ through her website, Shelley's openness and vulnerability as she shares her own story of hope and healing will inspire and encourage you. Download Shelley's book, "Mirror Mirror...Am I Beautiful?" for free:

Seduce Beautiful Women

Beautiful women are intimidating. From the outside, they seem perfect and perfectly unattainable. For some reason, a man who is usually smooth with the ladies freezes up when a beautiful woman comes his way.

Men have a false belief that beautiful women are harder to attract and seduce than other women. It's just not true. Here's some proof for you: many, many beautiful women say they have the hardest time meeting men. They say nobody ever comes up to them or asks them out. This is true.

Seduce Beautiful Women tips and secrets. Here's another bit of evidence that you have the ability to attract and seduce beautiful women: look around and notice how many beautiful women are with just average looking guys. Notice how rare it is to see a couple where both the man and the woman are considered exceptionally attractive. It is rare.

Here's the secret you need to know to seduce beautiful women: beautiful women most often are attracted and date men who are not as physically attractive as them. There could be many reasons for this, including the fact that the women don't want the additional worry of having a boyfriend who is too good-looking so that every other woman is after him.

But here's another reason: while men are biologically programmed to pick women for their physical attributes, women are biologically programmed to choose men for their care-taking abilities.

In other words, women want a man who can provide for them and so they seek out alpha male attributes over physical beauty.

Instead of me telling you what you only what you should do, I'm going to give you some pointers on what you should not do, as well.

If you want to seduce beautiful women, do not:

Tell them how physically beautiful they are. Boring. Yawn. Ho-hum. Of course, they've heard this probably their whole life. It just makes you one of the masses. Instead, point out something about their inside beauty. Just make sure it's genuine. It could be her great style or fabulous sense of humor or even her kindness to animals.

Act like she is out of your league. Don't put her on a pedestal. Instead, treat her exactly the same as you would any other girl you date. Believe me, she will be able to tell if you are handling her with kid gloves or start struck by her looks. Get over it and get over it quick. Strut around with the confidence that you are deserving and able to seduce beautiful women.

Go after her physically as quickly as you might with another woman. I know this sort of counteracts the point above where I say treat her like any other woman you date. Do that, except in this one area. Don't kiss her goodnight that first date. Make her wait and wonder. It might be the first time in her life a guy hasn't tried to jump her the first time they went out. It will make you stand apart from the crowd and enhance your ability to seduce beautiful women.

If you keep some of this advice in mind, you should have no problem attracting and seducing any woman you want. Just remember that you deserve a beautiful woman in your life.

Carlos Xuma

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