Beauty Tips For Women Of All Ages

Maintaining or improving one's beauty is essential for any woman nowadays. Many, unfortunately, resolve to go under the knife to surgically improve certain features of their body they feel are inhibiting their self-esteem due to the fact that they feel unworthy of their partners or maybe just jealous of other women around them taunting their voluptuous lips and bosoms in their presence. Of course, the attention drawn to them does not help the case of the poor women contemplating cosmetic surgery.

Whilst it is true that a minority of women do drastically improve their physiques or assets and also reduce a few years from their aging skin, which by this time has lost much of its original elasticity and lies sagging and withering at the mercy of the harsh environment, it is also true that natural and organic remedies have helped countless women beat the elements and retain or increase their beauty along the years.

Of all the body parts visible to the outside world, the head, particularly the face is extremely vulnerable to the elements and also the easiest to show signs of deterioration. Signs such as wrinkles or sagging cheeks are part of the aging process and if not dealt with immediately could wreak havoc to the bearer. Most attention is paid towards the face and make up, eye shadow, blushers and other similar concealers are used on a constant basis. Unbeknownst to most women, though these chemicals sometimes produce more harm than good and leave indelible marks that cannot easily be reversed. Some women have to realise that natural beauty should not be complemented by artificial means and that they sometimes actually even look better without them.

To maintain elasticity of skin tissue, water is the most vital resource and women should drink up to 8 glasses of water every day. Most natural juices (without added water or not concentrated)could also contribute to hydration, especially such juices such as carrot or tomato juice. A mixture of fruit and vegetable juices is probably the best concoction. Remember, the more colourful the potion the better it is for your skin!

The use of UV protection is not only valid for sun protection. It is also helpful to apply a layer under the make up especially when living in hot or humid conditions. Up to 80% of skin damage comes from the sun.

Try to choose a colour or complexion for such things as eye shadow and lipstick that compliments your skin colour and tone. Try and bring out the best in your features and make the most of them.

You know the importance of having great looking skin. Now, why not take that to the next level by considering organic make up products. The better department stores are now getting more request for these products and there is a reason for it.

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The Inner Beauty of a Woman

There is no doubt that women and beauty are timeless. Everywhere you look you see women displaying their beauty in hairstyles, make-up, cosmetic surgery, fashion and accessories. Women and beauty go together like ice cream and cake. Don't get me wrong, I love to be pampered and beautiful; adorned with what makes me feel and look beautiful. While most of the emphasis for women and beauty is shown outwardly, how much emphasis is being placed on the inward beauty of women?

The inner beauty of a woman is a very unique quality. It's quite surprising to find that many women that possess outer beauty do not necessarily possess inner beauty as well. Have you ever encountered the woman that strikes you as beautiful until she begins to show who she really is. Her conversation is full of attitude; instead of confidence she's cocky, in place of grace she's tacky. The surface beauty does not compare to the inner ugly. On the contrast, take the woman that's not really attractive but her personality causes her to shine like the sun at high noon. She has a quiet confidence that exudes explanation. Her inner beauty surpasses by far the fact that she may not be on the cover of anybody's magazine or looked upon as a beauty queen; she knows who she is.

It would be nice to see more emphasis placed on the inner beauty of a woman. While many women are striving to get that perfect figure, nose, eyes, puffy lips, breast enhanced and enlarged, buttock lift, tummy tuck and whatever else that can be altered, the personality of the woman is not being enhanced at all. A woman's inner beauty needs to always be evident on the outside. Integrity, honest, morals and values are traits that make up her character. No matter what the situation or circumstances, a woman that possesses inner beauty will conduct herself in matter that makes others take notice. Life brings about many opportunities to fashion a woman's character for real inner beauty.

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Beauty Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy has always been a beautiful miracle. But now it's considered sexy, too. When Vanity Fair put Demi Moore's apparently nude, very pregnant body on the cover of their magazine in 1991, it made a lasting statement that said a woman could be both pregnant and gorgeous.

If you're not ready to show off quite that much, don't worry. Here are ten beauty tips that will help make you look and feel good while you're pregnant.

1. Show off your legs. In summer, shorts and sundresses never looked better. In winter, a mini skirt with tights and flat shoes are fashionable.

2. For a special evening out, a pair of stretch-waist black velvet pants and a swingy top looks romantic, even elegant. This is the time you can wear a nice v-neck and show off your new, voluptuous cleavage.

3. Raid your man's closet for a shirt. Roll up the sleeves and add a piece of jewelry for a feminine touch. Or not. Menswear is long and lose, perfect for pregnancy.

4. Treat yourself to a new bra. Being pregnant means your old size won't work anymore, because you can gain up to five pounds in your breasts. For most women, a bra with wide set straps that are not too thin helps give much-needed support. Not only is this important to prevent sagging, but wearing the correct size bra will make your clothes look better, too.

5. Add some highlights to your hair. All-over hair color, like dying or bleaching, is not recommended while you're pregnant, because your scalp absorbs some of the chemicals. (It can be identified in urine.) But adding highlights is safe, because the hair color is applied one-half to one inch from your scalp, so chemicals cannot get into your blood stream.

6. Keep your skin supple with pure cocoa butter. Using a natural moisturizer on your stomach and breasts is safe, and it will help prevent, or at least minimize, stretch marks. Equally important is maintaining a slow, gradual weight gain so your skin doesn't stretch too rapidly.

7. Forget those old fashioned tent tops that make you look even bigger than you are. It's now fashionable to flaunt your baby tummy, and stretchy tops and empire waists are flattering. Being pregnant is sexy!

8. Get a pair of pretty ballerina flats. In France, and around Hollywood, they're all the rage with pregnant and not-pregnant women alike. Invest in a good pair that provides arch support and is made of a breathable material like leather or canvas. A pair of shoes that has a low, wide heel (one to one-and-a-half inches) is also a good choice. Remember, you may need a larger or wider shoe size while you're pregnant, so try them on before you buy.

9. Wearing a monochrome outfit (all one color) or clothing with vertical lines creates an illusion of length and is flattering for all body types.

10. Buy a chic new handbag. It will make you look fashionable, and you don't have to worry about outgrowing it later!

And finally, everybody looks better when they're rested and healthy. Get enough sleep, exercise, and "eat clean." This is no time for unhealthy junk foods that make you feel sluggish and do your baby no good either. And remember, there are beauty advantages to being pregnant, too.

The "beauty glow" of pregnancy has science to back it up. The increased blood volume and circulation during pregnancy enhances your skin and makes it beautifully luminescent. And thanks to hormonal changes, brittle nails become stronger, and hair becomes shinier. One last thing: never underestimate the radiance that comes from being happy. Many expectant moms say they've never felt more beautiful or more alive than when they are pregnant!

Ten Beauty Tips for Pregnant Women Jennifer Polimino, C.P.T.

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Seduce Beautiful Women

Beautiful women are intimidating. From the outside, they seem perfect and perfectly unattainable. For some reason, a man who is usually smooth with the ladies freezes up when a beautiful woman comes his way.

Men have a false belief that beautiful women are harder to attract and seduce than other women. It's just not true. Here's some proof for you: many, many beautiful women say they have the hardest time meeting men. They say nobody ever comes up to them or asks them out. This is true.

Seduce Beautiful Women tips and secrets. Here's another bit of evidence that you have the ability to attract and seduce beautiful women: look around and notice how many beautiful women are with just average looking guys. Notice how rare it is to see a couple where both the man and the woman are considered exceptionally attractive. It is rare.

Here's the secret you need to know to seduce beautiful women: beautiful women most often are attracted and date men who are not as physically attractive as them. There could be many reasons for this, including the fact that the women don't want the additional worry of having a boyfriend who is too good-looking so that every other woman is after him.

But here's another reason: while men are biologically programmed to pick women for their physical attributes, women are biologically programmed to choose men for their care-taking abilities.

In other words, women want a man who can provide for them and so they seek out alpha male attributes over physical beauty.

Instead of me telling you what you only what you should do, I'm going to give you some pointers on what you should not do, as well.

If you want to seduce beautiful women, do not:

Tell them how physically beautiful they are. Boring. Yawn. Ho-hum. Of course, they've heard this probably their whole life. It just makes you one of the masses. Instead, point out something about their inside beauty. Just make sure it's genuine. It could be her great style or fabulous sense of humor or even her kindness to animals.

Act like she is out of your league. Don't put her on a pedestal. Instead, treat her exactly the same as you would any other girl you date. Believe me, she will be able to tell if you are handling her with kid gloves or start struck by her looks. Get over it and get over it quick. Strut around with the confidence that you are deserving and able to seduce beautiful women.

Go after her physically as quickly as you might with another woman. I know this sort of counteracts the point above where I say treat her like any other woman you date. Do that, except in this one area. Don't kiss her goodnight that first date. Make her wait and wonder. It might be the first time in her life a guy hasn't tried to jump her the first time they went out. It will make you stand apart from the crowd and enhance your ability to seduce beautiful women.

If you keep some of this advice in mind, you should have no problem attracting and seducing any woman you want. Just remember that you deserve a beautiful woman in your life.

Carlos Xuma

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Jewelry*Boxes for Women: Beautiful Choices in Enamel

Among the many kinds of jewelry boxes for women, enamel ones are by far the prettiest around. Enamel is basically a material that is made by fusing powdered glass into a substrate by firing it at really high temperatures. The resultant molten powder flows to form a vitreous coating over metal which is smooth and beautiful.

The origin of the word enamel is a bit vague and can be traced back to two languages. It could have been from Old High German word 'smelzan' which means to smelt. It could also have been from the Old French word 'esmail'.

The process that actually evolved to enameling as we know it today has come down from civilizations like the Egyptians, wherein colored cut glass were decoratively filled into gold cells known as cloisonné. It was perhaps the Greeks and the Celts who took it a step further to make it molten glass. A number of civilizations utilized this art form, like the Chinese, Indians and Romans.

In fact, some of the best examples of enamel can be attributed to the Byzantinians of the 10th century. It was in the 18th century that artisans of small town Battersea and Staffordshire based in England thought of using enamel to craft beautiful boxes. These were soon highly sought among nobility for various purposes.

Enamel boxes became a popular gifting item among aristocrats and the royals. In fact, they were used to hold small items of jewelry, snuff, and even some make up for women. To this day, they are popular as gifts among the royal class.

Peter Carl Faberg of Russia can be credited with taking this art form to its greatest heights with the creation of the famed Fabergé eggs. Though the making of enamel boxes can be complex depending on the detailing, this is a basic idea of how they are done.

Every box starts with a pure metal, copper being common and gold being the most expensive. They are stamped into the desired shape.

Enamel is then sprayed onto the box and it is fired to make the surface smooth. Once done, the surface of the box becomes really hard and unbreakable. Such kind of boxes can last for hundreds of years.

Each image that has to be included will first be drawn or photographed and then will be created into a template. This helps the hand painting of the design onto the surface. Once done, the design is then fired again to fuse it together with the enameled surface.

There are several different techniques to enameling. Each of them results in some really beautiful designs. Some of the techniques are Cloisonné, Champlevé, Grisaille, Limoges enamel, specific to Limoges in France and Plique-à-jour among other forms. Each of these techniques is still referred to by their French names and has distinctive looks in them.

So why wait to go to a museum to see these pieces? Get out there and get a box for yourself or a loved one.

This article on enamel jewelry boxes for women was written by Ruth D'Souza Prabhu of MarqART Gift Shop.

Our wood designs are original works of art, no two creations are the same. Each wood shown has its own unique wood grain pattern and color. MarqART comes from combining the words marquetry (wood inlay) + Art (a creation of beauty) an apt name for our products. A fine addition to your dressing table or as a gift.

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Beauty Tips For Active Women

All women would like to appear beautiful and healthy at the same time. However, for active women finding the spare time to keep up their appearance and health can be a challenge. Especially for those who wish to balance their career and family life at the same time. Those 24 hours they have each day never seem enough to juggle between work and home. However, things do not have to stay that way. Staying fit and beautiful simultaneously is absolutely doable for active women everywhere.

To help you get started try the follow tips:

- A good haircut is worth its price a hundred times over. An easy, low maintenance haircut can make life so much easier for active women. Ladies, say 'no' to the permanent ponytail! An occasional ponytail done right is acceptable, but the permanent ponytail is a fashion disaster. Getting a good cut that you can manage with ease and still look fashionable is important.

- Not wearing makeup today? Put on a little lipstick or lip-gloss. Lip color gives your face a finished look even on the most makeup free days.

- If you are an active woman you probably don't have the time to shop for all the latest fashions trends. Busy women should stick to classic clothing choices. You can still look trendy, but a lot more pulled together. The woman on the go should also invest in a good pair of active wear shoes with the proper support.

- Short exercises, 5 to 10 minutes a day, can help a lot. If your office is not on the 100th floor take the stairs instead of the elevators. When you're at work spend about 5 minutes for a light stretching exercise. You don't have to be ashamed if others are watching you stretch. A lot of people unconsciously do stretching exercises when they're stuck on something difficult on the job.

Take a look around your office if you don't believe me.

- Make your lunch instead of eating out. Eating at restaurants is certainlx easier than making your own food, but you need to think years ahead. Most restaurants do not care about balanced diet buy you should. By preparing your own lunch you can make healthier meal and save money at the same time.

- Facial massage. There are many online resources that demonstrate you how to give oneself a nice facial massage. Massaging your face is really good to prevent wrinkles and it is easy to do. Therefore, when you're stuck in a traffic jam, instead of spending time cursing, you can use it to massage your face. Facial massage also has additional advantage; it is a method for de-stressing.

- Stay hydrated. If your body lacks even 10% of water you will find it harder to concentrate, your skin will feel dry and you will feel sleepy. Drinking water is probably the easiest and the best beauty tip for active women. It is so easy to gulp down water but the effect is wondrous. Make it a habit to drink at least eight portions of water every day. Do not overdo it because you will gain no extra advantage from it.

Beauty is definitely a combination of looking good and feeling great. If you follow these beauty tips, which include makeup tips and exercise tips you should feel and look better while maintaining your active woman lifestyle.

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Beauty Tips for Women

We all want to look as youthful as possible and this is why most of us go to the extreme to make sure this happens. There are many beauty tips you can adhere to so as to maintain your youthful appearance especially if you are a woman. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding sodas is the first thing you need to do if you want to look beautiful always. This is because water has been found to burn extra calories especially iced water. Beauty tips also include the food eat as you will need to take fresh fruits and vegetables before each meal as this ensures you eat adequately without packing on your pounds.

Another one of the beauty tips you should follow is changing your lip color by going for a lighter shade and this will give you an instantly younger as well as a youthful mouth. You can go a step further and add a dab of gloss on the middle of your upper and lower lips especially if you have thin lips as it gives you fuller lips. Another one of the beauty tips you should follow is using self tanning lotion on your legs. This helps in masking cellulite, spider veins and gives your legs a slimming appearance.

You can follow this up with a highly absorbing lotion containing Aloe as this helps even out the lines that the tanning lotion might have left out. Another one of the beauty tips is the usage of a cream highlighter on the eyes corners as this helps in hiding crows shadows and feet that are in most cases forgotten. This will give you a wide and bright eyes appearance that will not look tired. This will give you a slimmer face appearance.

Another thing you should follow in the beauty tips is using oil blotting sheets especially if your face becomes oily often as it soaks up excess oil. You can also apply mascara as a way of maintaining your youthful appearance. If you apply the black one go over with a blue one which will give you a sparkling white eye illusion. If you are one of the people who have tired looking eyes you need to use a peach colored pencil for lining the eye's inner rims.

You should also use firming body creams as well as moisturizers which should include mushroom, ginseng, seaweed and caffeine as this keeps your skin well toned. This is best done in the morning, before bed or after showering. Another one of the beauty tips is ensuring that all your eye moisturizers and creams are kept in the fridge to make them more beneficial. Practicing good posture will also go along way in giving you a youthful appearance. You can also do some experiments with your hair style or color as well as your clothing.

The Perfect Women's Beauty Sets

Most ladies, no matter how old they may be, love to be pampered. Gifts and sets for women's skin and outward appearance tend to be welcomed as presents, no matter what the occasion. Whether it's a birthday, bridal shower, or holiday, most of the female gender truly appreciates being given a gift that will help add to and protect the beauty they already posses.

Many ladies spend hours a day primping and preparing themselves for the day ahead of them. For these gals, hair products, bath and body lotions, and make-up might be the way to go. Most women like to feel pretty, and these are the kinds of products that can help them hold on to that feeling longer. If the woman you're shopping for has a favorite brand, it is possible to find gift sets that contain several products for her.

Whether she loves the scent of perfumes or prefers the texture and aroma of lotions, you can find a gift for her online. If the woman in your life happens to be a little miss, you can easily find sets that will appeal to her. From sweet smelling Disney merchandise to elegantly designed products for the more refined lady, whatever gift you choose will surely be appreciated.

There was once a time when shopping for presents meant getting dressed, getting in the car, trying to find a parking spot, and wading through crowds, only to end up stuck in a line. Today, you no longer have to go through all of this. If the presents you wish to give have anything to do with being beautiful, you can find them all online.

There's a lot of pressure put on women these days. Many have kids to raise, families to tend to, and careers to follow. Sometimes daily life, whatever that encompasses, can leave them feeling disheveled inside and out. It's nice for them to be able to take some time (even if it's just a few seconds to squirt on some perfume) and devote it to just to herself.

No matter what kind of set you decide to give to her, it truly is the thought that counts. A set of bath salts or some relaxing candles can work wonders on a woman who is constantly on the go. Finding beauty gifts & sets for women's presents means giving a gift that will not only help her look better, but also feel better. This might just be the best possible way to touch her heart.

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UTI Symptoms in Women

The UTI symptoms in women are no different than they are in men or children. UTI represents urinary tract infection and if you have never had one, they are no fun. This type of infection can occur when you least expect it but thankfully can be resolved by a number of methods.


Other than "ow!" the definition of an UTI is when your immune system is low and your bladder and kidneys contract a germ which causes an infection. Although the urinary tract does consist of both the bladder and the kidneys, it's the bladder that takes the first hit. If the condition is not addressed, the infection will then spread to the kidneys. If treatment is received within a reasonable timeframe no harm will be done; however, if left untreated permanent damage can occur.


Let's get it out right now; women have more UTI issues than men. This is a given although there isn't a real answer as to why. One theory is that the woman's urethra (carries urine from the bladder and out of the body) is shorter in the female and therefore germs have less to travel than in a male's urethra. The worst part is that some women get UTI's quite often which can be very frustrating. There are a number of causes to have an UTI and some causes of UTI symptoms in women are:

    * diabetes
    * enlarged prostate gland
    * kidney stones
    * not drinking sufficient amount of fluids
    * pregnant
    * having sex


With many medical ailments today, the symptoms are very common to many different conditions so it is wise to step back and make a list of your symptoms and consider the possibilities. If there are any concerns, you should consult with your doctor. Some UTI symptoms in women are:

    * pain or a burning sensations when urinating
    * need to urinate often but little or no urine is released
    * urine looks cloudy and has a bad odor
    * pain on only one side of lower back under the ribs
    * fever/chills
    * nausea/vomiting

Diagnosis and Treatment

A sample of the urine will be reviewed to determine if bacteria exists and if so, then usually antibiotics are prescribed. It is very important to follow the instructions for taking the medication and finish all of the medicine to ensure that the infection has been completely diminished. In addition, it is very important to drink a lot of fluid especially water. This is to flush the system of the bacteria and to help the medication work through the system and do its job.


This is probably the most important part of learning about UTI symptoms in women. It is important to know the symptoms but knowing how to prevent it is even more important. Some very easy steps to take are:

    * drink a lot of water each day
    * don't hold it; urinate as often as possible
    * urinate after sex
    * talk with your doctor about vaginal estrogen (postmenopausal women only)

There may be valid reasons as to why you can't get to the bathroom often (like at work) but there isn't any excuse for being lazy to not take care of yourself. Knowing the UTI symptoms in women hopefully will help you to prevent any future UTI's.

Understanding UTI Symptoms in Women isn't difficult to understand. For more info on Bladder Infection Symptoms and other Womens Health Issues visit:

Women Lead Ecommerce Trends

It is often thought that when it comes to the Internet, computers, and Ecommerce men are the real drivers. The truth is, women drive these trends. These days businesses selling products online understand these facts and take these factors into account. Ecommerce is now being modeled after the behavioral characteristics of women, including how they shop. Also, the Internet allows women to work from home by starting and managing their own businesses.

Leading the Race are Women

Statistics show that over the last decade women have spent more time online than men. The ratio of men to women using the Internet for shopping used to be pretty equal, but today, women are "out buying" men at a ratio of two to one. Because of this, many e-businesses have re-worked their strategies.

It's increasingly common to now see Ecommerce web pages designed specifically to attract women. Big business is taking notice of products, colors, and styles that are more favorable to women.

The Numbers Reveal the Truth

Websites have more traffic from female shoppers. These shoppers spend more time on this site and also tend to spend more It's estimated that $5 trillion will be spent over the next five years by an estimated 1 billion female shoppers worldwide. Only a foolish web entrepreneur would ignore the fact that women make up more than half the population and spend more than half of all money.

Avoid Stereotypes

Possibly the worst thing an online business can do, however, is to buy into assumptions of what women would purchase online. Simply guessing what a women might like is the wrong approach. For instance, having a "girly" design of a website may turn female customers away. Designing a site with a value-based mindset and providing additional services with women in mind will increase demand.

Women are very savvy about online shopping, so keep this in mind if you are designing your site to cater specifically to women. Easy navigation, security regarding personal information, and favorable return policies are very important.

Don't forget that the female Baby Boomers are hitting the retirement age and have money to spend. Between married couples, women continue to be the primary spenders as couples get older.

For a business to succeed with Ecommerce, it's essential to market products and services with this important segment in mind. Women will continue to lead the online shopping community for a long time, if not forever.

Robert Cote works with the Transaction group. The Transaction Group offers credit card processing for online pharmacies and other solutions such as high risk merchant account services for all types of businesses.