Real True Beauty

Every day young girls and women are bombarded with unrealistic media representations of women. Advertisements, Miss America contests, television shows, and movies are all responsible for the low self esteem that many women are facing today. In media, 'beautiful' women are depicted as being thin, perfect skinned, and big breasted. The reality is, many women are not thin, do not have perfect skin, and are not big breasted. Since they do not fit these 'ideal' images of beauty, many women believe that they are not beautiful and do not appeal to men. This article will dispose of these media beliefs about beauty by discussing what beauty really is, how ideas of beauty differ around the world, and what men really think about beauty.

As many people know, there are two types of beauty; outer beauty and inner beauty. Outer beauty, or physical attractiveness, is the type of beauty that is focused on most by the media. Unfortunately, media takes most physical attributes to the extreme. 'Beautiful' women in the media have perfect skin, perfect bodies, and the perfect weight, leaving women in the real world feeling insecure and undesirable. Unfortunately, media cannot be ignored. It is everywhere. It is on television, on the radio, in the movies, in ads, and even in children's toys. This is why it is extremely important that we begin to emphasis the importance of inner beauty to young girls and women. Inner beauty, often ignored in media representations, includes psychological factors such as personality, intelligence, politeness, and personal charisma. Rather than focusing on unobtainable physical characteristics, young women should be focusing on attainable inner beauty.

Easier said than done, right? In today's society, the pressure of a woman to be beautiful is stronger than ever. Unfortunately, most women are not focusing on inner beauty as they should be. So, for those women, here are two suggestions. The first is to ignore media representations. There are very few women in the world who actually fit the profile of a woman in the media. Even the women who have made it to television are often edited and airbrushed to look the way they do. The second point to establish is that ideas of beauty are forever changing. Beauty changes from time to time and from place to place. What is beautiful to one person is not beautiful to another. For example, in Western cultures, extra long necks may not be considered a beautiful trait. However, the Kayan tribe of Thailand believes that elongated necks represent ideal beauty. They are so infatuated with the idea of long necks that the women actually wear brass rings around their neck to help give them an elongated appearance. This shows how different cultures have different ideas of beauty. The same is true for different people within the same cultures. What is beautiful to one American man may not be beautiful to another.

Similarly, most men in Western cultures have a different idea of beauty than women. When you ask a woman what would make her more beautiful, she will often describe physical characteristics such as better skin, better hair, or bigger breasts. Men, on the other hand, often won't mention physical characteristics when asked what beauty is. Research has shown that men believe happiness and healthiness make a woman beautiful, not physical characteristics.

Regardless of time and place, standards of beauty are always there. Unfortunately, media representations are ghving young women unattainable beauty ideals which are damaging the self esteem of young girls and women. Instead of trying to live up to these unrealistic ideals, understand that beauty is not static. Everyone has a different idea of beauty. If one person doesn't find you beautiful, another will. Also, focus on your inner beauty. If you allow your inner beauty to shine you will be happier and healthier, allowing you to achieve your ultimate goal of attracting the perfect man!

Women and Beauty Care

Many women follow a beauty maintenance routine that involves the application of make-up on a daily basis, in addition to regular beauty appointments to care for their hair, nails, and skin. Some women even take their beauty routine to the next level by undergoing medical treatments with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to further improve their appearance. Here are some of the most common beauty treatments for women.

Daily Maintenance

A woman's daily beauty routine often includes regular hygienic activities such as showering and brushing the teeth. In addition, many women blow-dry, curl, or straighten their hair, apply make-up, and wear stylish clothes in order to help them look their best.

Monthly Maintenance

Many women also schedule beauty appointments for professional care of their hair, face, and bodies. This can include monthly hair appointments in which the hair is colored, highlighted, and/or cut. It can also include manicure and pedicure appointments twice a month so toenails and fingernails can be freshly groomed and painted. Some women also schedule facials or body treatments once or twice a month to keep the skin exfoliated and looking its best.

Permanent Treatments

The most high maintenance women may opt to undergo more permanent cosmetic treatments to maintain their appearance. This can include non-surgical treatments such as the application of permanent make-up. Permanent make-up refers to make-up, such as lipstick or eyeliner, that is tattooed on the patient. Other non-invasive treatments include Botox or dermal filler injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and laser skin resurfacing to create a smoother complexion.

Some patients choose to undergo plastic surgery procedures for a more dramatic long-term change. The most popular plastic surgery procedures for women include breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, and eyelid surgery. These procedures can significantly improve a woman's appearance and confidence level.

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Big Beautiful Women Dating

Generally, love conquers everything. This means that when you love a person, you appreciate the inner and the outer beauty of that person. No matter how thin, fat, tall or small he or she is, what you see is the person himself or herself regardless of his or her body size and weight. BBW dating or Big Beautiful Women dating is created exclusively for the big beautiful women and for the people who can love them and accept their imperfections.

Few Years Ago

Years ago, we can really say that the people appreciate more the beauty of big women. We can say so because we can see it in their arts like their paintings and their sculptures. That was their idea of beautiful women. Lucky for those women in their time because they were not discriminated and judged by others. Unlike now, big or fat women are judged, mistreated and most of the time rejected. This is so unfair for them because they were not even given the chance to prove themselves.

The Factor Greatly Affecting Our Perception

Media is really a great factor affecting the perception of people about beautiful women. It is like saying that beauty is only seen in the body size, shape and weight that is more focused on the physical aspect. They forgot to emphasize on the inner beauty which is the most important factor.

Big Beautiful Women of the Modern Time

Nowadays, women having a big size and heavy weight are teased and laughed at. These types of women find it hard to look for a partner because they are afraid to be mistreated and rejected. These women have a big heart not just big appetite but most of us just don't see them. We just need to give them the chance to show it.

Thanks to modern technologies, big women are given the opportunity to search for partners who are willing to see the real beauty inside them. Through online dating, they can look for single individuals who are also searching and interested with them.

Judgments about Big Beautiful Women Lovers

People who are in a relationship with women like them are also judged. Critics would often say that the reason why that guy got involved with a fat woman is because it is his last resort meaning that he does not want to grow old alone. They don't realize that the guy fell in love with that woman because of what she is regardless of her size; he sees something in her that he does not see in other women even if they are sexy, thin or gym-fit.

Why Big Women are Beautiful

Nobody is perfect. Big women are beautiful, that is the fact. The following traits make them even more beautiful:
• Big women work extra hard to make their relationship with their partners work and they exert extra effort to make their love ones happy and contented.
• Big women are more appreciative of the physical imperfections of individuals.
Love applies to all shapes and sizes only if the people are eager to set aside the physical aspect.

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The Power of Beauty

Have you ever wondered why women are so concerned about how they look? Why they aim to look like the beautiful women they see on the television and in magazines? That's because beauty is power!

Even way back into ancient times women were concerned about their looks. Think of Cleopatra or Nefertiti who were beautiful women of their times.

The cosmetic industy is well aware of this and that women will go to great lengths to look beautiful. That's why the cosmetic industry is a multi billion dollar industry.

When you think of beauty you think of what you see on the outside. But beauty is more than skin deep. And beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder! What one may find beautiful another may not. Even though there is no such thing as a definition for universal beauty all women know how to use their beauty to their advantage.

Men fall for this manipulation constantly. In fact they seldom know they've been snared into the web with a woman's beauty. Of course the know when exterior beauty is mesmerizing them but it's the internal beauty that they have not idea is working. That pouty mouth, those sparkling eyes, that gentle laugh. The power play of the boardroom and the bedroom share many similarities.

It's a proven fact men are unable to release themselves from the beauty of women. A quick look, a wink, a big inviting smile, a relaxed posture are all indications that a man has succumbed to beauty. Studies have shown even the smartest men go stupid when entranced by the beauty of a woman.

Remember Sophia Loren, Jane Collins, or Jaqueline Bisset. Think about Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Madona, Marilyn Monroe. There beauty had an instant effect on the male population. Not only their exterior beauty but the deeper inner beauty of confidence and mystique that surrounded them.

These women were all show stoppers without even trying. In fact when asked they felt their features were flawed, but men didn't see it that way. And yet each of these women were totally different in looks and personality. But each brought a certain group of men to their feet. Each had the ability to take the smartest man and turn him into a walking talking zombie stuttering, and staring.

Remember a beautiful woman is more than the exterior shell. Beauty is the whole woman. Personality, charm charisma, seductive sexuality, a smile, or a stance. There are many elements to a womens beauty than capture a mans attention and lock him into a world of bliss.

There is no cure for the poor male population, no pill to pop, no treatment to make them free of the power of a beautiful women. There are no magic bullets to stop the bite of beauty from turning the male population into a drooling idiot or a walking talking zombie. And until there is women will continue to use their beauty as a weapon on the opposite sex. Sorry guys!

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The Inner Beauty of a Woman

There is no doubt that women and beauty are timeless. Everywhere you look you see women displaying their beauty in hairstyles, make-up, cosmetic surgery, fashion and accessories. Women and beauty go together like ice cream and cake. Don't get me wrong, I love to be pampered and beautiful; adorned with what makes me feel and look beautiful. While most of the emphasis for women and beauty is shown outwardly, how much emphasis is being placed on the inward beauty of women?

The inner beauty of a woman is a very unique quality. It's quite surprising to find that many women that possess outer beauty do not necessarily possess inner beauty as well. Have you ever encountered the woman that strikes you as beautiful until she begins to show who she really is. Her conversation is full of attitude; instead of confidence she's cocky, in place of grace she's tacky. The surface beauty does not compare to the inner ugly. On the contrast, take the woman that's not really attractive but her personality causes her to shine like the sun at high noon. She has a quiet confidence that exudes explanation. Her inner beauty surpasses by far the fact that she may not be on the cover of anybody's magazine or looked upon as a beauty queen; she knows who she is.

It would be nice to see more emphasis placed on the inner beauty of a woman. While many women are striving to get that perfect figure, nose, eyes, puffy lips, breast enhanced and enlarged, buttock lift, tummy tuck and whatever else that can be altered, the personality of the woman is not being enhanced at all. A woman's inner beauty needs to always be evident on the outside. Integrity, honest, morals and values are traits that make up her character. No matter what the situation or circumstances, a woman that possesses inner beauty will conduct herself in matter that makes others take notice. Life brings about many opportunities to fashion a woman's character for real inner beauty.

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Free Wallpaper

Wallpapers are the backgrounds for your computer screen. They are easily available on the Internet. Instead of keeping a plain background on the computer screen, one can download many types of free wallpaper.

Using free wallpaper is very easy. All that has to be done is to choose the free wallpaper you intend to use on your computer. Then you have to click on the link that applies to your screen resolution. Upon doing this, a new window appears on the screen. The wallpaper you had chosen appears in this window. Then you have to right click on the free wallpaper, and select 'set as wallpaper'. However, the downloading of the free wallpaper will take awhile, especially if you are on a low-speed connection.

There are many sites offering free wallpaper. Sometimes the wallpapers may be divided into different categories on the site. They may be site-exclusive wallpapers, which are made by the staff of the site, fan-submitted wallpapers, which are wallpapers submitted by fans of the website, and theme-based wallpapers. These are wallpapers that follow a particular theme in their pictures.

Some of the themed wallpapers that available are the free hunting wallpapers featuring duck hunting, elk hunting and more. Then there is the free Yellowstone National Park wallpaper, which of course has wallpapers featuring scenes, landscapes and wildlife found in Yellowstone National Park. And for the automobile enthusiasts, there are free truck and ATV wallpapers featuring trucks, jeeps, motorcycles and other off road vehicles.

There are also some websites that offer free wallpapers for webmasters to offer to their web visitors. All that has to be done is for the webmaster to cut and paste the button below the wallpaper into the webmaster's web page. This acts as an added attraction to the visitors of that website.

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