Geographic Tongue in Women

Geographic tongue is a condition that is marked by irregular red patches on the surface of the organ and may sometimes vary in shade or appearance. It is a benign disorder that affects people all over the world. However, studies of this oral anomaly have shown that women are impacted by it to a much greater degree than men. In fact, over half the cases that are diagnosed in America each year occur in women. While this might be a clue to discovering the real underlying causes behind it, the question of why women are more prone to it remains. Many physicians believe that a woman's hormones play a huge part in the development of geographic tongue, and the recurrence of symptoms are in direct relation to hormonal surges that a woman experiences at different times of her life. Women who have already been diagnosed with this complaint are very likely to have a return of symptoms during a pregnancy or during the bodily changes that occur later in life when they are no longer able to have children.

Doctors have linked female hormones to geographic tongue because of the instances of it in both pregnant and menopausal women. The onset of puberty does not seem to be a factor, however, and most female children who have been diagnosed with it are infants or toddlers. That is what makes this condition so puzzling; if hormones are to blame for it, why does it not present with every hormonal condition? While more cases have been reported in pregnancy, where bodily changes are significant, there seems to be little link between geographic tongue and the menstrual cycle. It is not completely absent during this time, but fewer cases have been reported.

This may suggest that certain pregnancy hormones may trigger it, a case made even stronger when the condition often vanishes postpartum. If pregnancy hormones are a large contributor to geographic tongue, they are certainly not the only cause, however. Women who are entering the end of their child-bearing years have also reported moderate to severe cases as well, both new and returning. While the hormones triggered by both pregnancy and the change of life in women are different, the link between the two is the body's ability to reproduce. Women who believe they might have it or who are experiencing a spike in symptoms should consult their physician for a diagnosis and advice on how to manage them.

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Natural Ways to Enhance Beauty

It is said that Beauty lies in the eye of beholder. To stay beautiful from inside and outside depends on us. Inner beauty means inner confidence and total control over yourself, while to stay beautiful from outside means you have a confident persona and you know how to keep pace with the latest requirements of being Beautiful.

Today's world has become very artificial. People can change faces, grow new hair, transplant different parts of body and can even alter their masses through surgery. There are many cosmetics and other beauty products available these days, which enhance beauty artificially or naturally. Politicians around the world, people associated with fashion industry, media or film industry use the luxury of cosmetics or beauty products to stay younger and beautiful. This is a human habit that is not limited to the women only but men also use beauty products to enhance their looks. Artificial beauty products are easily available in the markets but contain many side effects. Natural ways to enhance beauty is adopted by people all over the world.

It is said "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away". So use of vegetables and fruits in our daily life keeps us healthy and fresh. With the wide variety of beauty products available on the market today, it's easy to get lost in the sea of slogans. Natural ways of enhancing beauty is becoming popular, old Asian and African ways to enhance beauty are usually studied by technicians around the world. For a perfect understanding of beauty, one should know how to cherish and enjoy happy moments of the life, because being happy means being healthy and beautiful. To attain natural beauty, we need natural extracts of fruits and vegetables. These extracts and juices provide nutrition and inner health that keeps body healthy. Extracts of different kind are used for facial massage or treatment for the damage hair. This whole idea supports the saying that Old is Gold. Indeed modern science finds its heart that by adopting the natural ways of enhancing beauty one can enjoys happy and prosperous life.
The best way to enhance your beauty naturally is to live at some healthy atmosphere, where fresh air is in access and you have a mental peace around.

To enhance your appearance you should always look for the natural resources available to you. There may be several natural ways to improve your natural appearance. This is very important for a person living in today's world. Morning walk and exercises with nourishing activities also play a key role in enhancing natural beauty. Researchers say that taking 2 hour exercises work out in a gym increases your life. It would keep you away from diseases like blood pressure, heart attacks etc.

Traits to Look For to Find Beautiful Women

What traits should you look for to find beautiful women? I know that your first reaction to this would be, 'Beautiful women are everywhere. I do not have to find them!'

The cliché 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' holds true in many ways and in finding beautiful women one of the most important factor is knowing what you perceive is beautiful. Here are three traits to look for that will help you find beautiful women whatever your perception of beauty is:

1.      Physical Beauty. Beauty on the outside is mostly what men look for in women and this is the type of beauty that is easiest to find. The shape of the face, kissable lips, sparkling eyes and a whistle-bait and svelte figure are only some of the physical features that men look for in women. If any of these features are present in a woman you are looking at then she can be described as physically beautiful but these are all superficial.

2.      Intellectual Beauty. You will need to sit down and talk with a woman before you can really evaluate and assess the level of her intelligence. Some women may not be highly intellectual but are very witty. They can laugh at their mistakes, are very clever and are not afraid to speak up. If a woman can talk about anything under the sun, then that would be a bonus. A professional degree may not be really important to determine a woman's intellectual beauty. It can be seen in the way she talks and in how she exudes confidence even if she may not be a physical beauty.

 3.      Inner Beauty. The hardest to find is a woman with inner beauty because this trait does not usually show on the outside.   You will have to be intimate with this kind of woman to be able to see her inner beauty. She may not be physically beautiful nor is she intellectually beautiful but her inner beauty radiates in the way she treats everybody around her. Her most outstanding characteristics are her being unselfish and compassionate. You might be more attracted to physical beauty or intellectual beauty but a woman with inner beauty will surely stand out from the rest.

Finding all these traits in a woman might be tough and some might be rare but still your personal perception of beauty will have a bearing on how you would consider a woman beautiful.

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Inner Beauty Of Carpet

Since there are umpteen varieties for one to select as his or her dream carpet, Brooklyn experts of the trade have some simple tips to get on the ball. Obviously the color scheme of the room offers a significant influence in the selection process. Clashes of shades repel inhabitants thus reducing the room's traffic flow to null. No one needs a white elephant period.

Material construction is another area for thought. This implies work processes involved in weaving, knotting and whatever else needed to produce a decent covering. In carpet talk, it basically encompasses the various look and feel viewed from a cross section. Although it may seem unnecessary to go down to such basics, understanding them helps one make appropriate decisions for interior decoration to last a lifetime without breaking the piggy bank. Depending on whether deliverables are driven by a casual or formal look, high traffic or less trodden area, plain or patterned, presence of heavy items such as furniture or roller chairs, moisture and a whole host of factors, one is bound to find a suitable one. Whatever carpet Brooklyn purveyors have, they are bound to cater to the most fastidious of tastes.

To add further complexity to the crash course on carpet, light cast into the room plays a part in complimenting the look of a room, or otherwise. Since this is normally a challenge to ascertain until the said covering is in place, perhaps a friendly request from the local carpet store may score one a sample of sufficient size. By viewing the sample in the room at different times of the day, it may help one gauge the end result in a larger sense.

Other than aesthetics, a good carpet serves as an effective noise absorption mechanism. Footsteps and voices dissipate in a well padded room. It is therefore no surprise that music and family rooms sport this form of interior decoration to provide peace and quiet to the rest of the house.