Discover Inner Beauty Through Wicca

We sometimes ask ourselves--Why are we here? Time flies so fast these days. We sometimes forget what we're actually living for. We feel empty as days pass, and we would try to participate in activities that would fill the void deep inside us. At the end of the day, no amount of working, clubbing, shopping, or drinking would appease our spirits. Amidst fame, fortune, and money, we still feel desperation all over. This leads us into asking this profound question, "What is the reason behind my existence?"

Fortunately, Wicca presents us with reasons that make sense. It is a religion based on discovering the inner aspect of one's being, and altering any emotions that obviously hinders an individual to growth and discovery. It did not take a year and a day for a lot of Wiccans to realize their goals in life. They started with small, simple steps that eventually led them in understanding the big picture.

Wicca is still faced with a lot of social stigma. Weird, evil, strange, and wicked. These are just some of the words that unfortunately have been glued to Wicca as a neo-pagan religion. From time immemorial, minor religions have always been treated with irreverence by the dominant church. Religious persecutions and witch hunts have proven to be nothing but futile as centuries passed. Witchcraft endured these tough times, and was able to preserve their core beliefs and values.

Wicca had always been recognition of the endless beauty that our world offers. Wicca teaches the ways of freedom, and experiencing magnificence in whatever one chooses to do. All throughout the 20th century, Wiccans have always expressed their mission as this: aiding oneself in the path of self-realization through acknowledging beauty in nature.

As the old adage goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is partially true to Wiccans, traditionalist or modernists alike. To Wiccans, beauty should be seen in everything. It is through this acceptance in the magnificence in nature, that a person finds inner beauty within. When one looks at a work of art, or a lovely scenery, it invokes a overwhelming joy and happiness. In a state of bliss, one finds himself more vulnerable to feelings on the other side of the spectrum-- anger, hate, misery, and depression. These are just some of the negative emotions that we are most aware of when we already have experienced true happiness. When this happens, we will unconsciously find ways on how to get rid of these unfavorable emotions for good. Wicca promises nothing but inner peace and beauty. The commitment of every Wiccan is to progress spiritually, and denounce anything that pollute and corrupt their souls.

Wicca as a religion is all about engaging in practices allowing individuals to break free from stressors of everyday life. Expressing oneself through Wiccan spells is rediscovering the beauty of what lies inside each and everyone is what Wiccans believe as the one of the most fundamental reasons of our existence.

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