Beauty in Plus Size Clothing

Beauty is perception. There is no doubt of this. One's perception of beauty is a function of background and collective experiences. Of course geography and soci-political boundaries with common cultures play a huge role in the definition, but, of course, that is to be expected. The final analysis is that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. This knowledge sets the stage when one seeks to understand the aversion to the world of plus sizes, be it plus size clothing or plus size people.

Plus size clothing has always been the fabric of*punch lines in mean jokes composed by people who do not understand the issue. If one ponders this, these are the same people who poke fun at the excessively thin, not understanding the issue behind that subject as well. It the impetus to the denigration of girth is in the name of good health, then the response to this failed rhetoric is simply baseless. Good health is simple not the exclusive domain of the "perfect" sized person who does not shop for plus size clothing. If health was the motivation, then why is the smoker not ridiculed, or the alcoholic? Is it possible that the psyche of the average human mind is tickled by the few extra pounds? And is it then plausible that this arises from how those pounds have been treated in media. Possible.

The recesses of the average mind, is susceptible to all kinds of suggestions. That is the brilliance of our mind. It is not merely a hard drive of data. The mind is able to pick up on things and infer meaning. One of the greatest aspects of evolution in humans is the ability to reason with logic. It is also a fantastic human feat that we are able to add the dimension of emotion to counterbalance or propel the ability to reason. But one weakness that stems from this great power is the suggestibility of the mind. A few repeated insinuations of a certain issue and the mind clings on with spider-web-like strength. The that transforms our view, even of plus size clothing, which results in our actions.

Plus size clothing has been the deliberate and unfortunate victim of a concerted and organized effort to extract it on the positive impressions of the mind. For before this effort, the plus size woman and her plus size clothing was all the rage. The were the perfectly rounded apple of the man's eye. She was the subject of priceless art. She was the epitome of the form. She was the goddess of those empowered with conjuring goddesses.